During · University

Day 2


Not much to report really today, it was just as horrible as yesterday. I made a massive error with my outfit this morning. The mornings here are F R E S H, so note to self: wear a hoodie when you leave the house.

Again my friends skipped this mornings classes, and again, I had already gotten up, showered, dressed, made my lunch and was eating breakfast by the time they told me so I went in alone. Much like yesterday, I couldn’t understand what was going on. My lecturer for American History speaks so softly and swallows the end of her words, so next lesson I’m going to sit right at the front, (like a keeno), and on the opposite side to the window. You don’t realise it when you’re amongst your first language, but any little noise causes a lapse in concentration, and then you’ve completely lost track of what’s being said. I’m super hopeful though that things will improve, (it can’t get much worse lol). I managed to pluck up the courage to ask one of the Spanish girls to send me her notes though so, hooray, progress.

I have noticed some differences between my uni here in Spain and Leeds back in England. The ‘lecture theatres’ are not lecture theatres that we know at all. They’re more like classrooms and still have blackboards. (Well, not quite blackboards because they’re green, but you still write on them in chalk. Greenboards?). The set-up too is far more like school, than what I have experienced during my time at uni. The number of people in lectures can’t be more than more about 50, and everything’s far more interactive. In Leeds, if a teacher asks a question or asks if anyone has any questions, the whole room goes dead silent but here, throughout the ‘lecture’, (it feels more like a lesson), people will ask questions and when a question is asked, students are keen to answer. It might be because this is a small uni, I don’t know, I’ll have to compare my experience with friends who are in far bigger ones.

I honestly don’t know how the Spanish do it. Most people start dinner at about 10, and dinners here aren’t rushed like in the UK, so they probably don’t finish until about 12. Yet everyone’s up for school/uni/work for 9am the next morning bursting with energy. I’m really struggling to wait until 10 o’clock at night to eat, so I’m trying to eat half an hour later each night to ease myself into this late night and long day Spanish lifestyle.

// No tengo mucho para decir. Hoy fue tanto horrible como ayer. Además, tengo que llevar una sudadera por las mañanas porque son frías.

Otra vez, mi amigas se saltaron las clases por la mañana, entonces fui sola. No pude entender lo que estaba pasando. No se da cuenta de esto en su lengua materna, pero los sonidos pequeños afectan su concentración y luego ha perdido el sentido de lo que dice el profesor. Sin embargo, siento optimista que las cosas mejorarán (no puedan ser peor, lol). Logré pedir a un estudiante de mandarme sus apuntes, entonces, progresión!

Me he dado cuenta de algunas diferencias entre mi uni aquí y mi uni en Inglaterra  Aquí es más similar a la escuela. Las clases consisten en no más de 50 personas, los estudiantes preguntan y contestan a preguntas y todo es mucho más como una comunidad interactiva. Es posible que esto sea debido al hecho que esta universidad es pequeño; tendré que preguntar a mis amigos que asisten establecimientos más grandes.

Es difícil para mi comer a una hora muy tarde. Entonces, estoy intentando comer una media hora más tarde cada noche para introducirme a este estilo de vida española.


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