It’s been a while.

I can’t say there’s been much going on in all fairness. Since going back to uni, (proper, final year uni), my life pretty much consists of going to uni, gOiNg tO tHe gYm, buying snacks, eating snacks, feeling bad about said snacks, doing uni work, going to bed and repeating everything the next day. I’ve had some really fun nights out and some equally fun nights in with my house. (I’ve finally seen Love Actually guys!). I’m enjoying pretty much all my modules this year and I’m actually really excited about researching and writing my dissertation. I just sometimes feel guilty about the fact that if I’m blogging,  I’m taking away time from doing uni work which is my ultimate priority, hence the radio silence on here for the past few months.

I am incredibly excited about Christmas this year and heading into the New Year. We had a house Christmas lunch which was the cosiest day and I had a food baby for DAYS after. After handing in 2 assignments before the end of term, (#pray4dish because one of them was just pure wank), I finally came back to London! Although I have a lot of work to do I’m going to try my best to actually have a break too AND I plan on bringing you along.

Does anyone have any plans for Christmas or New Years?


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