What To Do

I’ve been writing a list of fun things to do and places to see on my phone, so I figured I’d write them here too. For some of them I’ve managed to write specific posts about them which I’ve linked within the description for more detail.

Calle de Cava Baja, La Latina
– A loongggg road, filled with bars and restaurantes. There’s something for everyone here and the atmosphere is great. Always buzzing with people spilling out from everywhere. It’s an easy walk from Sol. (It’s literally just off Plaza Major).

Mercado San Ildefonso, Malasaña
– I didn’t know what to expect when my friends suggested this, but I fucking loved this place and cannot recommend it enough. (I wrote a little bit about it here). It’s literally more a 3-storey restaurant-market, with tables to sit down and enjoy your food and drink. Again, there’s something for everyone and being a vegetarian was not one bit a problem. It’s on Calle de Fuencarral which is an easy walk from Gran Vía and Tribunal.

Moondance, Sol
– One of the best nights I’ve had in Madrid. Super chill, (I wore Converse), with such a mix of great, throw it down all night long, music. Fairly cheap too; I paid €7.50 entry with a free drink. After that it was €8 for a Vodka Limón. (If you think it cost £16 for the same in central London). Find one of the promotors in Sol and have them walk you to the club for queue jump. Nearest metro station is Sol.

El Callejón de Serrano, Salamanca
– If you’re obsessed with everything Latin American, like I am, this is the spot. Pure latin vibes and reggaeton in terms of music, (and people). Definitely more pricey, a Vodka Limón here was €10. If you want free entry get there early (i.e, before 12), however, bare with how empty the club is and the shit American music the DJ plays. As the night goes on and the club gets busier and busier, the music gets 100x better and the club really packs out. (I wrote a little bit about it here). Nearest metro station is Rubén Darío.

Parque de Atracciones, Casa de Campo
– Not all day, everyday, eating and drinking, (LOL, good joke). If you’re looking to do something a little different, I definitely recommend a day at the Theme Park, originally named, Parque de Atracciones. It’s definitely not as big or has as many exciting rides as Thorpe Park, but it’s still a fun day out. If you book in advance, tickets can be as little as €20. Even booking the day before it was still only €34. Nearest metro station is Batán

Mercado de Barceló, Chueca
– Now I’m not talking about the actual market, (although I hear it’s pretty good for meat, fruit and veg), I’m talking about the rooftop restaurant/bar. Beautiful on a sunny day. Sit on the chairs amongst the greenery, and plants, or, you could grab a table. The food menu looked decent but I can definitely recommend the cocktails. Passionfruit Daiquiri for €8 (if I remember correctly). Equal distance from Tribunal and Alonso Martinez.

VEGA, Malasaña
I actually managed to write about this one. A restaurant where all the food is vegan, homemade and organic. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians but my meat loving friend rated it too. The atmosphere is perfect for date night, the staff are lovely and the food is b e a u t i f u l. We had a very hearty meal for about €20. You absolutely must book (call them on 910704969). Nearest metro stations are Callao and Gran Vía.

Ojalá, Malasaña
– A restaurant that I haven’t yet eaten a full meal at. However, the cocktails are so good, reasonably priced (about €7), and downstairs they have a mini beach. The floor is covered in sand where you can sit and enjoy your drink. The lighting is dim and it feels like your at a mini beach ‘gathering’, (not quite a party), in the middle of Madrid. Super fun idea. Nearest metro station is Tribunal.

Balcón de Malasaña, Malasaña (shock)
Cheap, tasty jugs of sangría. Super friendly owner who brings you free snacks and blankets when it’s cold out. They’re right on Plaza de la Juan Pujol, directly opposite Ojalá.

Gabana, Salamanca
Super elegant and stylish club, (I went in trainers and defo got some funny looks), with a good mix of everything in terms of music. Go on a Wednesday which is an international student night, for a huge mix of nationalities and people. Nearest metro station is Retiro

Parque Europa, Torrejón de Ardoz
– Park full of replica European Monuments. Very child & family oriented, but it’s a good way to kill a few hours on a sunny Sunday as entrance is free. I wrote about it here. Find Torrejón on the C2 and C7 cercanías lines.